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Kizomba Ghana.

The premier brand for all things Kizomba in Ghana.

Our passion for this beautiful dance form has driven us to create a platform where Kizomba enthusiasts can come together to learn, connect and have fun.

The Kizomba Dance

We believe that Kizomba is more than just a dance. It is a cultural experience that brings people together and creates a sense of community.

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persons trained across Africa, Europe & America


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Kizomba In Ghana.

Kizomba was introduced in Ghana by Ebo Anderson Jnr. (Kizomba King) in 2008 and has since been adopted and loved by many Ghanaians as a form of entertainment, therapy, and exercise.

Ebo trained over 5 million persons, across Africa, Europe, and America. It is almost impossible to Google Kizomba and not see the name and pictures of this Artistic Genius. Even a Wikipedia article about Kizomba features a picture of the King and his partner in their iconic dance pose, further proof that the King has built a solid brand for himself and Kizomba.



The Kizomba Community

The Kizomba Ghana is not just a dance club, it a movement that targets anyone above 18 years, who wants to stay active and healthy, in a way that is both entertaining and therapeutic; and the numbers are huge.

Every week, over 3,000 people gather at various locations in Accra to dance kizomba with Afrikiko having the biggest crowd.

The weekly Kizomba Dance & Dine events at Afrikiko Leisure Centre attracts over 1,500 attendees weekly (Wednesdays & Thursdays), comprising Diplomats, Top Government Officials, Business Executives, Rich Tourists and Foreign Students.

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